first_imgWass29Celtic6In template Season 2015/16 Otamendi26Port1244.5 Vietto24Athleticassignment Enzo Pérez28Benfica252.5 PlayerAgeClubPrice (M €)Sale (€ M) Garay29Zenith24In template Maxi Gomez22Celtic15 (Mine)In template Jaume Costa31VillarrealassignmentIn template Uros RacictwentyRed Star2.2loaned Nani29Fenerbahce8.5two Orbán25Girondins3.5free Zaza25Juventus1814 Florenzi28RomeassignmentIn template Gameiro31Athletic16In template Valencia has incorporated 56 footballers since Peter Lim appeared on the club life with Nuno Holy Spirit as a cover letter: 41 arrived via transfer (directly or with a subsequent purchase option, in addition to two that came with the freedom letter: Jason and Bakkali) and fifteen they did it alone on loan. Abdennour26Monaco22free * Not included transfer cost Aderlan Santos26Panty9.55 Manu Vallejo22Cadiz5.5In template Cheryshev27Villarreal6In template Bakkali19PSVfree Cheryshev25Real Madridassignment 2014/15 season Jorge Sáenz22Tenerifetwoloaned Gabriel Paulista26ArsenalelevenIn template Kondogbia24Inter25In template Santi Mina19Celtic10– (Maxi) Valencia have released 21 of the 40 players signed in the Lim era: for them the club paid 217.3 million and raised 258 million Pereiratwenty-oneUnitedassignment Thus, the profile of the incorporations of Valencia in the Lim era is of a footballer with community passport, of 25.07 years on average, with an average price transfer of 12.07 million (not including on loan) and a high percentage of occasions coming well from Benfica (four operations) well Celta de Vigo, club that they have come from six players. 63% of the reinforcements (included here on loan) were less than 25 or less years old, while the remaining 37% they came in an age range that goes from the 26 to 31 years (five footballers exceeded thirty). Roncaglia31Celticassignment Andre GomestwentyBenficatwenty37 Rodrigo2. 3Benfica30In template Season 2017/18center_img Orellana31Celtic32.4 Jason24I raisedfreeloaned Maksimovic22AstanaFree10 Mario Suarez29Watfordassignment Mangala25Cityassignment GuedestwentyPSG40In template CorreiatwentySporting L.12In template Coquelin26Arsenal14In template Net27Juventus726 Danilo19Pantyassignment Negredo29City282.5 Siqueira25Athleticassignment Cillessen30Barcelona35In template Joao CancelotwentyBenficafifteen40.4 Nephew26Alaves5In template Mustafi22Sampdoria841 2016/17 season 2019/20 season Ryan2. 3Witches76 I the29Celtictwo0.7 Montoya25BarcelonaFree (Andre)7 Diakhabytwenty-oneLyonfifteenIn template MunirtwentyBarcelonaassignment Zuculinitwenty-oneCityassignment Murillo25Inter1314 Mangala28CityassignmentIn template From those 56 footballers: two were reinforcements in two different times (Cheryshev and Mangala), one didn’t even get to train with the team (Jorge Sáenz, who like Jason and Racic are on loan) and 16 out of 41 for which transfer was paid are in the current squad, with Rodrigo the only one left on the payroll for Lim’s first summer.Since Lim’s appearance, Valencia has invested in transfers 495 million since the 2014/2015 season (approximate figures). Lim did not become the maximum shareholder of Valencia until October 2014, although, due to the mere fact of imposing the Nuno’s signing and come up with Rodrigo, Andre Gomes and Cancelo, the summer of 2013 is given as a starting point for the preparation of this report in terms of staff planning.The signings of the LIm era Medran22Real Madrid1.5free Batshuayi24Chelseaassignment Piccini25Sporting L.8In template Philip Augustustwenty-oneRio Aveassignment From PaultwentyRacing A.4.83 (more%) Season 2018/19 Valencia have released 21 of the 41 footballers which has been owned since the summer of 2013. For them the club paid 217.3 million and raised 258 million, which gives a benefit of 40.7 million. Neto, Maksimovic, Montoya, Cancelo, André Gomes, Mustafi and Otamendi they are the most beneficial operations, while names such as Enzo Pérez, Negredo, Abdennour or Aderllan Santos appear at the opposite pole.Valencia with Lim has signed footballers from clubs in 12 countries. Here it is curious to see the trends of the different sports directions that Peter Lim has had. So with Rufete and Ayala came the only reinforcement directly from Argentina (De Paul), a market historically the club frequently went to, and dominated the european market to Spanish (only Yoel came from a Spanish club); with Nuno the Portuguese market gained in relevance; with García Pitarch Spanish predominated (6 out of 11) while in the Alemany and Marcellin era three were the main foci: Italy (3), England (4) and especially Spain (11).Benfica, the club that has entered the most from Valencia: 90 millionPortugal is the country in which more money has left Valencia since Lim’s arrival: 132 of the 495. From them, 90 million entered them Benfica, club to which Valencia has paid the most in the last five years. Follows Spain (107 million, 36 of them -more Santi Mina and Jorge Sáenz- to Celta de Vigo); France (80.5 million, 40 in the signing of Guedes to PSG); Italy (71 million, 38 to the coffers of Inter Milan) and England (71 million). The remaining 46 million were distributed in loose operations with clubs in five countries (Argentina, Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia and Serbia).last_img read more

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