first_imgStay on target Virtual reality can already feel pretty real as it is, especially when you’re in the middle of a, particularly engaging scene. But at CES 2017’s first event, CES Unveiled, an amazing new product was revealed that could very well herald the future of virtual reality the way we know it: the Hypersuit.SlashGear went hands-on with the Hypersuit during the CES 2017 event, which you can check out below, and it looks like some of the most fun you could have while wearing a VR headset. The demonstration involved getting “into” the suit, which looks admittedly like sitting on your stomach and having some sort of back massage, but it probably feels a whole lot cooler than that, at least for your perception.The Hypersuit is basically a place where those interested in the physical sensations attached to what you’re doing in virtual reality can “jump in,” feeling like you’re riding a motorcycle, flying, or doing something totally awesome in the virtual space. Those who demo the unit check out things like the Base Jump, the Cosmonaut, Super Hero, Flying Suit, and a demo experience where you fly like a bird.Of course, there’s not a finished product out there just yet, but you can test out the prototype just as SlashGear did if you’re able to make it out to a demonstration. And it looks like the finished version could very well change up the way we interact with and get enjoyment out of virtual reality in the first place.Check out the video of the demonstration below and see how this awesome-looking piece of technology could end up changing the way you see and think about VR going forward. There’s a massive library of virtual reality titles out there that could be made even more fun with the Hypersuit, so hopefully consumers will have a chance to check it out soon.For more CES coverage, check out our pals at PCMag. CES Reinstates Innovation Award for High-Tech Sex Toy2019 Tech Trends Worth Getting Hyped About last_img read more

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