August 2, 2019

This is a development that has been researched sin

first_imgThis is a development that has been researched since the 1990s.“The early days of context-aware computing was thinking about sensing based on assigning a value to a physical phenomenon, such as a person’s location, the temperature of a location, etc.,” said Gregory Abowd, a computer scientist and one of the first academic researchers to get into the movement.Today, the core of contextual computing is the idea that a device can collect information from a user’s world, and that information is then used to influence the behavior of a user’s computer program or application, according to Abowd.Contextual computing is often associated with mobile devices because Abowd said it is a good proxy for people who own and use such devices. “The most important piece of context is location, and location only became relevant when people had devices that moved a lot and that they used while moving,” he said. Eventually, there will come a time when a consumer will look back and think of smartphones as a thing of the past, according to Kulveer Taggar, creator of the Android app Agent.“If you think about vehicles and driving, there was the era of manual transmission, and then we switched to automatic transmission,” he said. “Cars were already very useful, but when they went to automatic they were just so much easier to drive and much less stressful; and so I think that is where we are with smartphones. We are in this sort of manual transmission era.”Smartphones are very powerful devices, but users still have to wake them up to open up applications, change settings and interact with it depending on what they are doing.With all the advances being made in technology these days, smartphones are starting to become smarter and more automatic, as Taggar put it. So the next generation of smartphones will take advantage of phones’ GPS sensors, accelerometers, Bluetooth, thermometers, WiFi, gyroscopes, and social data to automatically glean the context of user interactions and take actions based on it, he said.last_img