August 2, 2019

Dell is creating moodreading software As soon as

first_imgDell is creating mood-reading softwareAs soon as 2017, Dell software could be reading your moods.Dell Enterprise Group CTO Jai Menon told the BBC that Dell’s research and development division is working with hardware manufacturers including Neurosky to build headsets that accurately identify the wearer’s emotional state. A pair of Dell researchers has already tested a version of the headset that can identify a wearer’s mood half the time.(Related: Inside some other software that recognizes human expression) Menon, who moved to Dell after more than two decades at IBM, told the BBC, “We’re trying to push the accuracy of our software into the 90% or better range, and if we can get there then the product starts to make sense. If an individual device doesn’t give us that accuracy, then we will also add additional inputs: a pulse oximeter [to monitor the level of oxygen in a patient’s blood] or ECG (electrocardiogram—a heart rhythm monitor) or other readings, to see if multiple inputs help the software get to the correct value.”Dell hopes to release a product in the next three years, putting a target market date at 2017. – Rob MarvinBlackBerry ends restructuring processOver the last three years, BlackBerry has reduced its workforce by about 60% in an attempt to reinvent and restructure itself; today, that painful process ends. According to an internal memo viewed by Reuters, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has announced that the workforce reduction process is over and hiring in key departments will begin.“We have completed the restructuring notification process, and the workforce reduction that began three years ago is now behind us,” he said in the memo, according to Reuters.last_img