August 2, 2019

Software engineering is already ripe to tackle the

first_imgSoftware engineering is already ripe to tackle these issues. Agile engineering provides just the right tools to handle ambiguous customer expectations and is built on the process of constant iteration. Successful apps in the mobile world start out with a basic premise of addressing customer needs; the very next goal is to get a minimal viable product (MVP) into the customer’s hands for feedback.(Related: Take an adaptive approach to cross-platform development)The fact that mobile apps provide focused functionality makes this an even better fit: You can build a quick MVP in weeks or a few months. And once you have customer feedback, you can continuously improve and add features to meet your customers’ expectations. So get cracking on your agile and scrums skills; you have no chance of success in mobile without it.2. Start with customer experience in mindReal estate is all about location, location, location. Comparatively, mobile app success is all about experience, experience, experience. User experience and engagement are key predictors of mobile app success. With the overwhelming success of everything mobile, it’s no wonder that every developer wants to get into this space. Building mobile apps puts developers on the cutting edge, the skills are sought after, and the profession is highly lucrative.But not everyone who jumps into mobile is guaranteed success. A good mobile developer brings a unique set of skills (and mindset) that positions them to capitalize on this market.We believe that there are five key characteristics that define good mobile developers:1. Get very comfortable with agileMobile is a new market, and the art of successful mobile app development is still evolving. It’s hard for most developers to know what customers actually want and what apps will become successful.last_img