August 2, 2019

1 PerfMap This frontend performance heat map fr

first_img#1: PerfMapThis front-end performance heat map from Mark Zeman is a bookmarklet to of resources loaded in the browser using the Resource Timing API. Once installed, the bookmarklet overlays a performance heatmap over the web page to indicate user experience with interactive timing when the mouse hovers over a particular spot. PerfMap is only available on Chrome.#2, SweetAlert was featured in last week’s Top 5 trending projects.#3: AngularJS Style GuideMore than a bit similar to another AngularJS Style Guide that made the list back in August this guide comes from the folks at GoCardless. The guide covers high-level goals, third-party dependencies, directory and file structure, parts, testing and patterns in AngularJS. #4: AsyncDisplayKitAsyncDisplayKit is Facebook’s  source of smooth, responsive asynchronous user interfaces for iOS apps. The iOS framework was originally built to make Facebook’s Paper possible, and goes hand-in-hand with pop’s physics-based animations — but it’s just as powerful with UIKit Dynamics and conventional app designs.#5 Lwan Web ServerLwan is a high-performance & scalable web server for glibc/Linux platforms. In development for almost 3 years by Leandro A.F. Pereira, Lwan was until now a personal research effort that focused mostly on building a solid infrastructure for a lightweight and speedy web server with a low memory footprint, minimal system calls, a hand-crafter HTTP request parser and a C code base of roughly 7,200 lines. Lwan is now transitioning into a fully working, capable HTTP server with features including a mustache templating engine, Python test suite and an API.last_img