August 2, 2019

Its often easier to talk about what NoOps isnt t

first_imgIt’s often easier to talk about what NoOps isn’t than what it is.It doesn’t mean you fire your Operations team. It doesn’t mean the end of Operations, or that Operations is dead.So just what is it? To explain NoOps, we must first explain DevOps.A DevOps primerDevOps is a software development model designed to help developers and Operations work together. Developers and Operations have natural conflicts based on their mandates: Developers build features and software, often criticized as throwing them over the wall to Operations.Operations wants to keep the services running in a stable environment with as little change as possible, often criticized as being slow or blocking change.Really, it all comes down to communication.DevOps aims to resolve these conflicts by getting developers and Operations to talk to each other (gasp!) and make the whole process more cohesive. Aligning the teams just makes good sense. Create one team with one mandate: ship, implement, test and deploy quality software fast. Great teams were doing this long before the term DevOps was coined.last_img