August 2, 2019

When her son was diagnosed with dyslexia Ari Fert

first_imgWhen her son was diagnosed with dyslexia, Ari Fertel started reading with him several times a day. Later, when she had four more children, she found they all had different reading levels, and it became a challenge to read with them all for the same amount of time.Her son was later told he no longer had dyslexia, to which Fertel credited all the reading she did with him. And so began the nine-year process that would lead to the creation of Reading Buddy Software, the newest solution for families that want to help their children’s reading abilities and get them excited about reading in general. It is advanced speech-recognition technology that listens, responds and teaches as the child reads.(Related: How to do software education right)Fertel, a home-school mom who is now the president and founder of Reading Buddy, said that her personal experience with her son’s struggle with reading sparked the idea to create guided reading software. She thought that she could help other families who might not have the time to sit down with their child every night and simply read. “Children really need to be sitting with someone—or something—and reading out loud,” said Fertel.She said Reading Buddy is different than other guided reading programs because it is not prerecorded and actually responds to the child reading.“This software is designed using all the research that we know about child development, and from neurology, leading scientists and professionals,” said Fertel.Inside Reading BuddyReading Buddy Software uses its human-calibrated responsive speech-recognition technology that monitors a child’s reading. When a child struggles with a word, its fluency scoring radar (a patented pronunciation assessment engine) triggers a visual cue and encourages self-correction. When a child needs more help, the software steps in to help pronounce each word and teach how to say it correctly.last_img