August 2, 2019

Softwaredefined networking SDN is still quite a

first_imgSoftware-defined networking (SDN) is still quite a new technology, but Project Calico is hoping to push forward a generational evolution. Today, the open-source project added support for Google’s Kubernetes container-management platform.Calico is the brainchild of Christopher Liljenstolpe. He is the director of solutions architecture at Metaswitch, and he said the goal is to build an easy-to-use SDN system targeted at developers, and for Metaswitch to offer premium services and software on top of Calico.(Related: Engine Yard container group launches Kubernetes packaging system) “The SDN solutions that have more of an enterprise heritage are relatively complex and bring a lot of baggage with them,” said Liljenstolpe. “A lot of that is built around the concepts of how we used to build enterprise networks. They provide layer 2 connectivity between small numbers of servers. In the scale-out, containerized world, that baggage makes building a simple scalable network anywhere from difficult to impossible.“For tens of thousands of servers, and hundreds of containers per server, and the fact those containers might only exist for seconds at a time; the churn and objects in-flight in these scale-out environments is a substantial orders of magnitude change. The legacy SDN plays are problematic.”To that end, Liljenstolpe looked at SDN from the perspective of a developer rather than from a network administrator. “Calico said we want a simple network infrastructure. People should not spend time troubleshooting their network,” he said.last_img