August 2, 2019

Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme two of the minds

first_imgKevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme, two of the minds behind cult classic Super Troopers, were kicking it between comedy sets in a hotel in rainy Tacoma, Washington when a thought occurred that had them both laughing. “It just hit us,” Heffernan says. “What do firefighters do in the rainiest city in America?” Of course, in actuality, Tacoma isn’t the rainiest city, but they do get rainfall that’s well above average. This notion struck the guys as funny. The members of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard had recently released Super Troopers 2 and following that success, had been trying to figure out a concept for new characters. They’d agreed that there was an audience for a new workplace comedy that featured first responders, but hadn’t quite nailed down the idea yet — they just knew they wanted the characters to have lots of downtime. A little too much, in fact. Firefighters in a place that was constantly raining totally fit the bill. And that inkling of an idea morphed into their current show, Tacoma FD. Heffernan and Lemme say that they had been close to getting comedies on television before, but everything — the concept, the timing, and the setting — just clicked with Tacoma. That seems fitting, as Tacoma is known as “The City Of Destiny.” Tacoma FD premiered on TruTV as the top cable comedy of the season — which brings a lot of attention to a cool, yet often overlooked Pacific Northwest city. To celebrate this success, we had the guys help us put together a little Tacoma FD-themed guide to the real life places that inspired the show. Start your morning: Bluebeard Coffee View this post on Instagram Open Garage Door Season now in full swing. #colddrinks #coldbrew #nitro #nitrodraftlatte #oatmilkdraftlatte #hashtagcolddrink A post shared by Bluebeard Coffee Roasters @bluebeardcoffee on May 9, 2019 at 9:38am PDT The crew at Tacoma FD likes their coffee, so take their cue by grabbing some brew to start your day right. Stop into Tacoma’s Bluebeard Coffee to grab a proper cup and a pastry to go with it. The space is the perfect place to get your plan together and sit around for a moment to allow for hijinks to ensue, so take a seat and enjoy the breeze through their open garage door.last_img