August 2, 2019

By FFWPU Europe Jack Corley Regional President 3

first_imgBy FFWPU Europe, Jack Corley, Regional President3.16 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 4th Year of Cheon Il Guk (April 22, 2016) From the 21st to the 24th of April, I had the privilege to visit Cheongpyeong and participate in events centering on True Parents’ 56th Holy Wedding Anniversary.On the morning of the anniversary celebrations, 22nd of April, True Mother invited the regional presidents for breakfast on the third floor of the Cheon Jeong Gung, True Parents’ living area. True Mother was in a very relaxed and happy spirit and was very embracing of the participants. Besides the regional presidents, Professor Lan Young Moon from Europe and Chang Sik Yang from South America were also present.In the evening of the 22nd, celebrations began in the front courtyard of the Cheon Jeong Gung palace, the same place where, almost 10 years earlier, True Parents made their ceremonial entrance into the palace at its opening. Around 800 participants, many from Korea and Japan, were seated at round tables laid out throughout the expanse of the courtyard in a beautiful setting.Although the weather was overcast and cool, the spirit was bright and warm.True Mother entered and immediately cut the celebration cake on the stage. One of the special events at the beginning of the program was the distribution of the Four Holy Items. These are a new Holy Salt, new Holy Wine, a new Holy Candle, and soil from True Father’s Won-jeon.Earlier that morning, True Mother offered a deep prayer over those items and then had them placed in beautifully prepared carrying boxes, which she presented to each of the regional presidents. These items will be multiplied and distributed to every nation and community and can be used by all blessed families. They represent the opportunity from True Parents to receive forgiveness and make a new beginning in the four years of hope until 2020. Arrangements for their distribution and more detailed explanations will be sent out in the near future.Another feature of the program was the testimonies offered by several elder members who were present at True Parents’ Holy Wedding in 1960: our Special Emissary Dr. Lan Young Moon, former European President Young Hwi Kim and Dr. Bo Hi Pak.I was particularly inspired to be invited to sit at True Mother’s table during the banquet, together with representatives of Korea, Japan, the United States and UPF. This gesture was a confirmation of True Mother’s love for our European region, and it gave me the opportunity during the meal to express to True Mother the love of European brothers and sisters for True Parents and our determination to fulfil our responsibility.The following morning, the 23rd of April, True Mother invited us once again to have a celebratory breakfast with her. This was followed by a regional presidents’ meeting. More details on that meeting will be distributed in the coming week. After lunch, at a nearby Korean restaurant, we were once again invited back to Cheon Jeong Gung for a final meeting with our True Mother.Overall, I was deeply impressed and inspired to see how well our True Mother looks. Despite the unimaginable burdens that she must carry, True Mother exudes a spirit of hope and optimism and has great confidence for the coming years.last_img