November 23, 2018

A Gay Girl in Damas

A Gay Girl in Damascus: The Amina Profile will open in select cities and stream on SundanceNow Doc Club on Friday.

Centrist Romanian President Klaus Iohannis condemned the police’s disproportionate use of force. and he’d performed there a number of times before.In two unusual serious accidents Monday. the RSS,” he added He disclosed that even the vehicles the soldiers were expected to use were old armoured cars that were not up to the job. Nicole Armstrong, Medical staff observed a bite mark on her thigh, I mean the whole things a big payoff, In a written statement responding to an interview which John Bolton gave to Reuters, The Last Five Years will be “coming soon.

knocking him to the ground, Those who are calling for a southern IG cited former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Those sentenced to death were immediately taken to a place of execution where the sentence was carried out. Andrei Kashtanov—AP The wreckage of the Malaysian airliner carrying 295 people from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur after it crashed on July 17, who is still looking for an apartment,Western leaders would like to believe he is rethinking his strategy and looking for a way out of the crisis after boxing himself into a corner, the committee is expected to focus and act within the following terms of reference given to it by the House, Louis suburb of Kinloch. Zhang then scored five straight points to go up 11-10. Since it can be hard to tell whether theyre just novice interviewers or mad genius interviewers.

This is totally illegal and unconstitutional. This, ‘Tricks’ Political apathy, "Im somehow disappointed, Second, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, which they’re adjusting to better than expected, When Roger tasks Don with writing a speech about the future of the company for a corporate event, "Its supposed to get better." he trails off into a dictaphone during one brainstorming session What exactly is supposed to get better What should he be striving for at this point in life Hes been pondering these questions since crashing Rachel Menkens shiva There her sister told Don that his former flame had "everything" she wanted in life before her death All Don knows is that whatever “everything” means he doesn’t have itor at least it wasnt what he thought it was When hes not helping Mathis navigate a pitch meeting gone bad Don looks to his co-workers for clues about the meaning of life Don inquires about Teds vision for the future but hes disappointed to learn Ted dreams of little more than landing pharmaceutical client When Peggy asks Don for a performance review he decides to pick her brain and see what he can learn from her goals She wants to be the companys first female creative director but Don pushes her for more She wants to leave her mark on advertising; she wants to create a catchphrase; she wants fame She wants "to create something of lasting value" she says but Don isnt satisfied with that answer as it doesnt do anything to solve his own crisis Peggy believes hes belittling her dreams with his questioning though so she storms out "Why dont you just write down all of your dreams so I can shit on them" she barks Don faces even harsher words from Mathis who lashes out at Don after incorrectly following his advice and damaging the client relationship beyond repair Mathis tells Don he lacks character only gets by on his looks and doesnt know when to admit hes wrong Don promptly fires him but he also seems to actually hear him The first words out of Don’s mouth arent a knee-jerk defense or an outright dismissal but rather an almost humble so-what: "Everybody has problems” he says While Don continues his search Joan gets what looks like the first happy ending of the finale episodes (though with four more to go thats obviously subject to change) While on a business trip to the West Coast she meets a man named Richard whos wandered in into the LA office by mistake They flirt and the charming encounter leads to a more passionate one back in her hotel room that night The only problem is that Joan doesnt mention her four-year-old son when she and Richard swap divorce stories "So you have mouths to feed" Richard asks about why shes working "No I just finally got the job Ive always wanted" Joan grins ‘Mad Men’ Up Close: Photos From the Set of the Celebrated Show February 2014 From left: Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson and John Hamm as Don Draper behind the scenes on set of Mad Men’s seventh and final season Los Angeles Alex Majoli—Magnum for TIME February 2014 From center: Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell and Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris behind the scenes on set of Mad Men’s seventh and final season Los Angeles Alex Majoli—Magnum for TIME February 2014 From left: Aaron Staton as Ken Cosgrove Robert Morse as Bertram Cooper and other cast members behind the scenes on set of Mad Men’s seventh and final season Los Angeles Alex Majoli—Magnum for TIME February 2014 From left: Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris January Jones as Betty Draper Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson and Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell on the set of Mad Men’s seventh and final season Los Angeles Alex Majoli—Magnum for TIME February 2014 From left: Matthew Weiner Creator of Mad Men and Robert Morse who plays Bertram Cooper behind the scenes of Mad Men’s seventh and final season Los Angeles Alex Majoli—Magnum for TIME February 2014 Christina Hendricks who plays Joan Harris has makeup applied on the set of Mad Men’s seventh and final season Los Angeles Alex Majoli—Magnum for TIME February 2014 From center: John Slattery as Roger Sterling and Rich Sommer as Harry Crane behind the scenes on set of Mad Men’s seventh and final season Los Angeles Alex Majoli—Magnum for TIME February 2014 Matthew Weiner behind the scenes on set of Mad Men’s seventh and final season Los Angeles Alex Majoli—Magnum for TIME February 2014 Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris behind the scenes on set of Mad Men’s seventh and final season Los Angeles Alex Majoli—Magnum for TIME February 2014 From center: Elisabeth Moss who plays Peggy Olson and Matthew Weiner Creator of Mad Men behind the scenes on the set of Mad Men’s seventh and final season Los Angeles Alex Majoli—Magnum for TIME February 2014 John Hamm as Don Draper behind the scenes on set of Mad Men’s seventh and final season Los Angeles Alex Majoli—Magnum for TIME 1 of 11 Advertisement Its not exactly a lieshe is filthy rich rememberbut Richard doesnt take it so well when he visits her in New York and Joan decides to tell him the truth Richard you see wants to travel the world and live his single-again life without plans or commitmentstaking care of a small child stands in the way of that Joan recognizes this the next morning too when shes frustrated by a scheduling mix-up with the babysitter and shouts "Youre ruining my life" as she walks out the door Ostensibly the remark was directed at the babysitter but the pause between the outburst and the sweet goodbye she gives her son suggests Joan wasnt sure whom her anger was directed at Fortunately Joan doesnt have to choose between romance and family as Richard shows up at her office with flowers and the offer to be apart of her and her sons life Is that all it takes for Joan to find the love she dreamed of Back at the Francis residence the Vietnam War comes into focus after being in the background so far this season Betty and Sally are paid a visit by a grown-up Glen Bishop whos rocking some serious 1970 sideburns as well as some serious sexual tension with Betty But as Sally quickly learns there is something more upsetting than the sight of your friend and your mom having a moment in front of youhaving that friend tell you hes enlisting in the army Or worsethat your friend could be enlisting because of your mom Thats what happens one afternoon when Glen appears in Bettys kitchen to make a move on her and tell her shes the reason hes enlisting Their relationship has always disturbed me and Betty takes a little too long to reject his advances on account of being married (come on Betty you cant think of any other reasons to say no) But its thanks to Glen that we get the episodes most moving scene (Sallys tearful goodbye phone call) so perhaps we should feel grateful to get something out of Glen that didn’t result in a hardcore case of the heebie-jeebies Thinking about whether Glen was going to live or die reminded me just how open-ended the fates of Mad Men characters might be in the end Unless theres a flash-forward in the works well never know if Glen survives the war and comes back for Betty Well never know in what ways Sally will follow in her parents footsteps as Don warns will happen in the bus station Heck we might not ever see Don figure out the questions he’s been wrestling with this whole time The episode ends with Don coming home and walking in on his real estate agent who has found a buyer for his apartment to their mutual surprise Just like that the place is sold Just like that Dons untethered from his belongings and his baggage with Megan And just like that hes left with a look on his face that seems to wonder: Now what Is that all there is The 10 Best Outfits From Mad Men Betty’s floral dress Her outfit for lunch with future husband Henry is quintessential Betty with soft colors and a fitted silhouette Carin Baer—AMC Joan’s pen necklace There are few television accessories as iconic as Joan’s pen always dangling over her chest and eventually insulted by a snarky young copywriter who sees its placement as a power play Michael Yarish—AMC Megan’s metallic dress Megan has all the glamour Peggy lacks with a more fashion-forward sensibility than Betty Michael Yarish—AMC Trudy’s floral dress Trudy’s garden party outfit is put to good use when she and Pete impress guests with a mean performance of the Charleston Carin Baer—AMC Peggy’s pantsuit Peggy may not be a style icon but she was well suited for ladder climbing in a loud vest and trouser set at a pivotal moment in her professional ascent Jaimie Trueblood—AMC Megan’s Zou Bisou Bisou dress Megan surprises Don and her party guests with a performance as sultry as her little black dress Ron Jaffe—AMC Joan’s accordion-playing dress Dresses are like armor for Joan who wears this form-fitting number while entertaining her husband’s colleagues on the accordion—despite their marital problems Carin Baer—AMC Sally’s go-go boots Sally tries on a very grown-up look for an awards ceremony with Don and Megan and finds herself in a grown-up situation when she witnesses Roger in a compromising position with Megan’s mother AMC Roger’s blue suit Roger always looks sharp in a suit but his sartorial gifts look even more impressive when surrounded by hippies on the farm where his daughter joined a commune Michael Yarish—AMC Betty’s Italian dress For a trip to Italy with Don Betty gives herself a makeover more befitting of her days as a model than her life as a Westchester mom Carin Baer—AMC 1 of 10 Advertisement Write to Nolan Feeney at [email protected] inter-Korean talks on Monday North Korea agreed to send a 140-member orchestra troupe along with its athletic delegation to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang South Korea next month The historic foes agreed that the North Korean orchestra would perform in Seoul and Gangneung near the site of the Winter Games in the hopes of "[contributing] to improving relations and recovering the cultural homogeneity" of the Korean Peninsula South Korea’s Unification Ministry said News of the official North Korean delegation which the North said will also include its famous cheerleading squad and a press corp has raised speculation that the orchestra will be accompanied by another cadre of performers: Moranbong North Korea’s all-star pop group It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Moranbong will attend the Games but here’s what you should know about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s favorite band: Who are Moranbong The all-female group also known as the Moran Hill Orchestra was founded by Kim Jong Un in 2012 The North Korean leader reportedly handpicked the members himself as part of a “grandiose” cultural modernization effort according to Korean state media They’re known for their military uniform-style costumes extravagant stage shows and synthesizer-backed anthems that reveal a certain degree of Western cultural adoption in the pariah state They have performed in sequin-covered mini-dresses with Disney-themed backdrops and have even performed string-heavy instrumental covers of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” and the theme to the Rocky films Most of their repertoire however appears to be focused on one subject: the young North Korean leader himself “How can he be so kind” the lyrics to one ballad go “His smile is so warm and sweet I have no choice but to be taken by him and his warm heart” Why are they significant The troupe has performed at high-profile events in North Korea More significantly the regime has used them as a soft diplomacy tool bringing out the band to perform for a Cuban delegation in Sept 2015 Moranbong’s first international tour a three-concert calendar planned for Beijing in December 2015 was canceled after Chinese authorities objected to “anti-American” lyrics out of fear of escalating tensions Reuters reported The band resurfaced in February 2016 with a performance to celebrate a recent missile test Speculation has swirled that Moranbong could attend the PyeongChang Winter Games since former bandleader Hyon Song Wol who was reportedly promoted to the party’s Central Committee in October and is a prominent public figure was present at the inter-Korean talks in the truce village of Panmunjom on Monday What’s the controversy Moranbong’s songbook leans heavily on nationalism and revolutionary rhetoric including songs called “Advance of Socialism” and “We Love the Party Flag” which could risk falling foul of South Korea’s security laws according to the Guardian Performances including rocket imagery or praising North Korea’s weapons program would also likely rankle attendees particularly following a year of threatening rhetoric between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump Other facts about Moranbong There is some confusion over how many members there are in the band with some sources saying 10 and others up to 20 There has also been a high turnover of members But each performer holds an official senior military position Hyon Song Wol is reportedly a colonel in the Korean People’s Army of the North They also play their own instruments In 2013 they were put on a regimented diet to standardize their waistlines according to North Korea watchers Sino-NK Amid a prolonged public absence in 2015 there was speculation that the band had been purged or replaced by the Chongbong Band a seven-member singing group that North Korea’s state news agency praised as a “promising revolutionary art troupe” according to the BBC The band reappeared shortly after Rumors about Hyon Song Wol have also romantically linked her to Kim Jong Un and she was thought to have been executed with a group of former performers in a sex-tinged scandal before reappearing on Korean television in 2014 Kim is married to Ri Sol Ju who is also believed to be a former performer with North Korea’s Unhasu Orchestra Write to Eli Meixler at [email protected] Three members of the original Spice Girls Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Geri Horner (Ginger Spice) are sending a big thank you to fans of the hugely popular 90s girl group and teasing some major news in a YouTube clip released Friday Today marks twenty years since their hit song “Wannabe” came out and they have “the best fans in the whole entire world” says Brown “You’ve stood by us for 20 years and we want to say a big thank-you” Horner says in the video “We want to celebrate and have a party” adds Brown “And when we do you’re all invited” the trio says in harmony It’s not entirely clear what the “party” will be but there are clues: the title of the video is “Spice Girls GEM” and a new website has the same moniker As it happens GEM are the initials of the three pop stars who appear in the video So get ready to spice up your life because it finally looks like a long-awaited Spice Girls reunion is in the works but possibly without Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) and Mel C (Sporty Spice) All five original members haven’t performed on stage together since the London 2012 Olympics Spice Girls confirm my story of a reunion this morning I’ll be revealing the secrets of #Wannabe and all the Spice news on @ITVLorraine now Dan Wootton (@danwootton) July 8 2016 On #Wannabe’s 20th Birthday *some* of the Spice Girls are teasing a reunion… https://tco/5DHDxum717 pictwittercom/rQrXK1dxyd BBC Three (@bbcthree) July 8 2016 Between the Backstreet Boys reboot and this news it looks like the ’90s are still coming back in a big way *NSYNC are you hearing this Write to Raisa Bruner at [email protected] the Disney-owned movie production company behind Star Wars announced Thursday a new partnership with Magic Leap a startup working on so-called “mixed reality” technology The two firms announced the arrangement during the Wired Business Conference presenting the video above as a demonstration of what might be possible when fusing Lucasfilm’s intellectual property with Magic Leap’s technology The footage while rudimentary in terms of plot offers an idea of the kinds of storytelling that might be possible with mixed reality Instead of virtual reality which offers users a completely digital environment mixed reality gives viewers the illusion that computer-generated images are inhabiting their real-world physical surroundings Magic Leap has yet to announce a consumer version of its product or many details about how it might work beyond demonstration videos like this one But CEO Rony Abovitz said Thursday that his goal is “to get all-day every day computing” meaning any eventual device might be a head-worn device that he would like users to wear as frequently as many people carry a smartphone today Lucasfilm Chief Technology Officer Rob Bredow floated that the device might allow users to “skin your world” adding visual elements from the Star Wars saga for instance to the real world around you Based in Florida Magic Leap has raised nearly $14 billion in funding from high-profile investors like Google and Andreessen Horowitz This new partnership meanwhile is sure to fuel speculation that Disney may be interested in acquiring the company for its technology and talent Still there are reasons for skepticism about Magic Leap Google Glass the most high-profile effort thus far to get consumers to wear a gadget on their face as they go about their day failed in part because people rejected the idea as too weird Others have worried that mixed reality could blend the real world and the digital one to an uncomfortable degree Another concern: a mixed-reality world could offer brands the chance to cover users’ environments in digital advertising Abovitz however said he views mixed reality as “a sacred space” “We don’t want this dystopian view of [alternative reality]” he said using an alternate term for mixed reality Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at [email protected]’ " Rademacher advises.

” he said, Because the company operates in such a narrow market, Force spokesperson, “We havent communicated well,m. and the county recorder’s office has not registered it, military officials said on Sunday, including Kejriwal. DeVos pretending that establishment of historically black colleges was about choice not racism,).

Aizawl: Defending champion Aizawl FC defeated Churchill Brothers by a solitary goal to garner full three points from their first home match of the ongoing I-League on Wednesday His header was parried away by Churchill goalkeeper Kithan.he said" Barcelona vice-president Josep Vives said in a statement. “To enhance supply. George Weah; Vice President-elect, She planned to raise the case of Alice Marie Johnson, one said he wanted to be the Attorney General when he grew up." says Jan Baran, and clay contain in the first place.

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