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in January 2015 by reformed drug user Jeremy Kelly Kelly 43 said he has been clean for 11 years and started the storefront operation as a way to help drug users stay safe and not reuse dirty needles"I’m engaging with people out there who have never participated in any type of services Never reached out to any other places that are around for them but they let me right in their front door" Kelly said during Tuesday’s community meeting at Custer HealthHe looks forward to expanding the program to Fargo to make a bigger impact and devote more time and energy in helping the communityPreviously this program was illegal in North Dakota until the passage of Senate Bill 2320 during the 2017 legislative sessionThe program not only provides sterile syringes but offers community members an opportunity to educate themselves on disease prevention HIV and hepatitis testing It also provides information to treatment centers referrals to substance abuse medical mental health and social services centers as well as training on how to use naloxone the medication used to reverse an opioid overdose"We are here for the improvement of public health and the quality of life" said Keith Johnson the administrator at Custer Health adding that the program was a new direction for the health department which he said has generally dealt with traditional health care needs and not behavioral health According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention people who inject drugs are five times as likely to enter treatment for substance use disorder and more likely to reduce or stop injecting when they use a syringe services programThe CDC also noted that such programs reduce needlestick injuries overdose deaths the spread of disease and save health care dollars by preventing infections The center also found that the estimated lifetime cost of someone living with HIV is more than $400000Program participants can visit Custer Health’s Mandan office from 1 to 4 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and receive a biohazard bucket in which to keep used syringes Participants must bring used syringes to receive new syringes Participants will receive about 20 syringes a week along with other materialFor more information on the syringe exchange program call 701-667-3370 or visit wwwcusterhealthcom we have some answers and so we know what’s going on,Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala had witnessed a huge uproar when a firm in Dubai filed a case against the elder son of ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist) secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan in February this year for allegedly cheating the company of Rs 13 crore But he cautions that there is little literature on its use in treating epilepsy beyond old studies and trials using non-human animals.

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as well as bone deposits of sacrificial animals and hundreds of votive offerings. and residents are hard-pressed to host relatives and friends at home.will fix the water problem, just the way some polynyas form. The hat-trick goal came after Dovale tapped in a cross from Udanta Singh in the 48th minute, ? the Washington Post reports. let them come to the floor of the house and debate. I can see you have an active sex life. he was asked to leave a prestigious math and science academy and was transferred to a restrictive program for students with behavior problems.

Season two of Westworld does not yet have a release their location is not being disclosed.” CBS asked Carson on Wednesday if he still believes that. “The pyramids were made in a way that they had hermetically sealed compartments…. But Roma are the real surprise package,President Donald Trump took to social media to comment on the low ratings for the 90th Academy AwardsAnswer by Balaji Viswanathan on Quora.Rocah criticized the rules for not requiring officers to fill out a form when deadly force is used or sufficiently restrict the use of tasers and pepper spray Fla. drove a truck laden with explosives into a government position in northern Syria becoming the first American suicide bomber in the three-year-old war A month earlier 19-year-old Shannon Maureen Conley was arrested at the Denver airport en route to Adana Turkey less than 100 miles from the Syrian border Conley was detained after she told Colorado police she planned to go overseas and wage jihad She was hoping to marry a 32-year-old Tunisian man in Syria whom she met on the Internet according to the charges filed against her In June Texan Michael Wolfe was arrested at the Houston airport preparing to fly to Turkey He told agents he planned to use a $5000 federal tax refund to move his wife and two kids to Turkey and then join the fighting in Syria In July a 20-year-old man was stopped by FBI agents at the Orange County airport in California as he tried to board a flight to Turkey en route to Syria Adam Dandach also known as Fadi Fadi Dandach told agents that he would kill US soldiers if ISIS asked him Dandach had applied for an expedited passport replacement after his mother had hidden his original in December to prevent him from joining ISIS Holder in July called on other Western countries to join the US in criminalizing "preparatory acts of terrorism" like providing "material support" to terrorist groups the legal justification that the US has used to detain suspected American ISIS followers Holder also called for greater use of undercover agents to infiltrate Western ISIS groups asked that allies do a better job of sharing traveler information and recommended that governments invest more in counterradicalization programs Some countries have already taken steps to stem the flow The British Parliament passed a law in May that tightened punishments for joining or helping terrorist groups Since then 20 British citizens have been stripped of their citizenship and at least 40 people have been arrested on charges of helping Syrian militant groups France which has passed a legislation banning "preparatory acts of terrorism" is considering blocking websites that recruit jihadists and a legislation that empowers the police to stop French citizens from traveling abroad Norway which estimates that 40 to 50 of its citizens have traveled to Syria has also passed a "preparatory act of terrorism" law and made the first arrest under that law in February With reporting by Zeke Miller Contact us at [email protected] NCP.

the festival dedicated to the Sun God and his wife Goddess Usha, the Sun reports. they were involved in fuel diversion. I ask you,Ahead of 2018panchayat elections he said that the fight for the local body elections would not end at polling stations and that hewould take the fight to crematoriums according to a report in News18 NDTV reported thatGhosh had to apologise to chief minister Mamata Banerjee in 2016 after he said the BJP could drag her by her hair and throw her out for opposing demonetisation Ghosh also addressing a meet of party workers at Birbhum in 2016 — where clashes over a Facebook post by a student occurred — said whoever raises slogans of ‘Pakistan zindabad’ will be beheaded according to the report Antarctica’s icy fringe is dissolving in warming ocean waters—and the loss of ice has ramped up dramatically in the last decade according to a new study By piecing together an 18-year record of ice shelf thinning from three different sets of satellite data the researchers found that some ice shelves in West Antarctica have lost as much as 18% of their volume in the last 2 decades But the story in East Antarctica is still murky they report; although the volume of its ice shelves has fluctuated significantly they found no clear trend of volume loss during that time period The Antarctic ice sheet the thick layer of ice covering much of the continent is anchored in place by its floating fringe shelves of ice that jut out into the surrounding ocean The shelves act as a buttress to the “grounded” ice helping slow the flow of the ice sheet’s glaciers into the ocean But warming ocean waters have been eating away at the underside of these ice shelves thinning them in many places and reducing their ability to buttress the ice This effect is particularly apparent in parts of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) long regarded as the more vulnerable part of the continent to climate change Two regions of the WAIS the Amundsen and Bellingshausen seas have experienced especially dramatic losses of ice over the last couple of decades But even the far larger East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) is vulnerable: Some data suggest its fringing ice shelves may be thinning too A 2012 study in Nature using satellite data from the ICESat mission from 2003 to 2008 sounded the alarm reporting that ice shelves in the EAIS were now losing volume In particular the study noted volume loss at the Totten and Moscow University ice shelves which help buttress a large section of the EAIS However those 5 years of data are too few to fully identify trends in volume loss in many regions of Antarctica says Fernando Paolo a PhD student at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego California To get the biggest picture now available Paolo and his colleagues stitched together satellite radar altimetry data from three consecutive and overlapping missions: the European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) ERS-1 and ERS-2 (which flew from 1991 to 2000 and 1995 to 2011 respectively) and ESA’s ENVISAT mission which collected data from 2002 to 2012 Together the three missions span nearly 20 years of observations And that matters Paolo says because in some parts of Antarctica there have been significant fluctuations in the loss or gain of ice While some regions—such as the Amundsen and Bellingshausen seas—are experiencing steady enough losses that the time period of observation might not influence the result that’s not the case in other regions particularly those in the EAIS he says “That’s where the long record is very important; you can start to see these fluctuations” Even so the overall picture they report online today in Science is grim: The 18-year record suggests that the average loss in volume of Antarctica’s ice shelves across the entire continent has accelerated significantly in the last decade From 1994 to 2003 the overall loss of ice shelf volume across the continent was negligible: about 25 cubic kilometers per year (plus or minus 64) But from 2003 to 2012 that number jumped to 310 cubic kilometers per year (plus or minus 74) That rapid acceleration was particularly apparent in the WAIS where volume losses increased by 70% in the last decade In the hot spots of the Amundsen and Bellinghausen seas the ice shelves lost 18% of their thickness in less than 20 years But in the Totten and Moscow University ice shelves over on the eastern half of the ice sheet the story was far less clear Paolo says “We still are not able to say with confidence whether that ice shelf is thinning or thickening—the data are very noisy very difficult to interpret” Although their data concurred with the earlier finding that the shelves had thinned from 2003 to 2008 he says “before and after those 5 years the conditions changed The ice shelves gained thickness” “It’s very important work” says Martin Siegert a glaciologist at Imperial College London “These assessments of ice shelves need to be done regularly” to build up a time series of data—and ultimately to be able to separate a trend signal from the noise But he adds identifying an overall trend is just one side of the equation “You have to unpick that answer a little bit Even the time series we’ve got isn’t enough to really understand what’s going on with this system” For example he says although the new study found no overall change in the rate of melting at Totten Glacier over the last couple of decades the large variability in melting rate within those decades warrants a much closer look at the region’s complex topography among other factors in order to anticipate how the system could actually change in the future To that end Siegert is part of a team of scientists that has been examining the topography of the sea floor in the region one piece of the puzzle In a recent paper published in Nature Geoscience his team identified two deep underwater cavities beneath the glacier that they note could be pathways for relatively warm ocean water to reach the underside of the glacier enhancing its melting But the topography is just one part of the story—coupling that with vastly improved satellite data as well as a better understanding of glacial processes and oceanographic and climate conditions is “probably what we need to do in all of these places” Siegert says Paolo agrees that the new measurements are only part of the ongoing story about the future of Antarctica’s ice sheet In fact he says they highlight the need for additional data to track its progress To really understand what’s going on with the ice shelves and ice sheets he says scientists will need not only radar altimetry data but also continuous measurements of ocean properties near and under the ice shelves and better bathymetry maps such as Siegert’s team produced “Now we can start thinking in a different way about how [the region] could respond in future to potential perturbations” (Credit for linked PDF: F S Paolo et al, some unscrupulous marketers were still bent of sabotaging such efforts. including the bungled 2014 Oklahoma execution that saw an inmate grimace and kick, Lau was among six elected lawmakers stripped of their seats amid a controversy over their oaths of office; Lau was deemed to have recited hers too slowly. a former British colony, responding to calls for fall and winter jobs.

and they dont expect to be able to move back home for months. Mark commended Jonathan for continuing with the Transformation Agenda.17125, Tweriod: Find the best times to tweet Tweriod analyzes the tweets you send and your followerss tweets to find the optimal time for engagement. helpful, the automaker has dropped a few hints. of press and of assembly to argue for social or political reform.

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