November 18, 2020

The new visual identity of the Tourist Board of Central Istria was presented

first_imgThe graphic design of the emblem of the Tourist Board of Central Istria deals with the geographical position of the municipalities that represent central Istria. The characteristic shape of the triangle of the Istrian peninsula has been used as a frame of reference to emphasize what is at its center. The color segments represent the different influences to which central Istria is exposed due to its geographical position, and the emphasis (and visually the most emphasized point of the sign) is exactly where these influences meet – in central Istria. This is achieved with a coloristic emphasis on the central form, the very heart of Istria.On the coloristic side, a color palette based on the climate it represents is used. Red-brown color of the red Istrian land, green color of lush plant vegetation and blue as an indication of a unique position by the sea.The solution is stylistically in line with the logos of the Croatian Tourist Board and the Istrian Tourist Board, while the selected primary typography and treatment of the lines are marked by an irregular edge like brush strokes and thus leave an impression of naturalness and spontaneity.Side dish: TZ Središnja Istra 2018 BrochureOver 260.000 overnight stays were realized in central Istria Until December 26, 2017 in the area of ​​TZSI, which includes the area of ​​nine local governments (City of Pazin and the municipalities of Lupoglav, Cerovlje, Gračišće, Karojba, Pićan, Sveti Lovreč, Sveti Petar u Šumi and Tinjan), ie one fifth of the Istrian County and is the only tourist board of the area in Istria, there were slightly more than 34.000 tourists and 266.000 overnight stays, which is an increase of 22% compared to the previous year.Currently, 3.786 beds have been registered in the TZSI area, which is 16% more than last year. As for the number of accommodation units, there are currently a total of 832, of which holiday homes account for more than 50%, apartments 37%, rooms 10%, while the rest are rural households, hotels and campsites and campsites in the household. The index of increase in arrivals and overnight stays is many times higher than the index of increase in accommodation capacities. Of the tourists who stayed in central Istria during this period, more than half of the overnight stays were from the German-speaking area; 54% Germany and 8% Austria. The third in number were the Dutch with 7%, followed by guests from Belgium 6%, Great Britain with 5%, domestic 4% and from Poland and Italy with 2%. The Tourist Board of Central Istria (TZSI) enters 2018 with a new brand – Central Istria. Original Istria.Namely, after the CNTB’s public call for support to tourist boards in underdeveloped tourist areas in 2017, it applied for the project “Branding of Central Istria” and approved support in the amount of HRK 20.000,00 for the same CNTB, the implementation of the mentioned project, which ended in late December.The project of branding, ie designing the visual identity, slogan and image brochure was entrusted to the BBDO agency from Zagreb. The logo was stylistically in line with the CNTB and TZIŽ logos, and the concept and graphic preparation for the multilingual image brochure, which will be printed in early 2018, was made.In the new 2018, TZSI plans to actively promote the destination through all available channels, primarily through social networks, but also by appearing at fairs in the most important emitting markets, ie German-speaking countries.“Points out Sanja Kantaruti, director of TZSI.last_img

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