November 18, 2020

With the project “New clothes of Brijuni” to a large investment in tourist infrastructure in the Brijuni National Park

first_imgProject “New attire of Brijuni” of the Public Institution Brijuni National Park, within the Operational Program “Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020.” is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund to the tender of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds “Promoting sustainable use of natural heritage in national parks and nature parks”, which brings investment in improving tourist infrastructure and sustainable use of natural heritage in Brijuni National Park.The total value of the project with VAT amounts to HRK 41.759.488,84 (HRK 33.662.108,06 + VAT), of which HRK 27.285.453,83 in grants was awarded from the European Regional Development Fund (85% of the total eligible costs). . The remaining amount of eligible costs is co-financed by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency in the amount of HRK 3.201.953,39, while the funds in the amount of HRK 1.613.126,70 are co-financing of the project of the Public Institution Brijuni National Park.”Although the cultural and historical heritage is not at the center of this project, it is necessary to restore it in order to present and interpret the natural heritage that abounds in Brijuni National Park. Individual parts of the architecture will be adapted, which will serve as spaces for setting up exhibitions and as accommodation for participants in educational activities / excursions. In this way, the implementation of this project will contribute to the protection and preservation of both natural and cultural-historical heritage”Point out the Brijuni National Park and add that the implementation of the project also plans to prepare a Visitor Management Study which will be the basis for improving the visiting system with the aim of better presentation of the contents and riches of the National Park.The project envisages the following activities: Establishment of an Info Point, procurement of a boat, procurement of two excursion trains, reconstruction of Veliki Brijun, modernization of the Natural History Exhibition, renovation of the summer cinema, renovation of facilities in the port of Mali Brijun, development of educational programs and project promotion. The grant agreement was signed on October 5, 2017, while the project implementation period is from July 12, 2016 to April 30, 2020.Project “New attire of Brijuni” Description of activitiesEstablishment of Info point and new equipment Info point (in the form of an info kiosk) with an interactive shop window that presents 24 hours of excursions, recreation, accommodation and catering offers of the Brijuni National Park will be located on the island of Veliki Brijun on Friendship Square. The purpose of the Info Point is to inform visitors more promptly and promptly about all the island’s facilities and tour opportunities, which have not existed in the archipelago so far. In this way, the excursion-business agency of the National Park in Fažana will be relieved as the only place for informing visitors at the moment, which will certainly contribute to a better access to visitors.  Ship procurement It is planned to design and build a new electric boat with a capacity of 150 passengers. Procurement of two excursion trains It is planned to purchase two modern homologated tourist trains (with a capacity of 80 passengers each) with one locomotive and four open trailers, which will enable people with disabilities to see the island of Veliki Brijun for the first time. As part of the procurement of trains, the training of two employees for train management is also planned.Reconstructions on Veliki Brijun In order to create new content for visitors, the following neglected infrastructure on the island of Veliki Brijun will be arranged:• Arrangement of the educational-thematic trail Promenade under the hill Straža – includes the procurement and equipping of the educational trail through the former quarry illustrated with wooden interpretation boards and educational exhibits (6 pcs), and orientation signs (2 pcs) to present the forest ecosystem, flora and fauna. an integral part of the forest• Presentation of the hydrogeological peculiarities of the Brijuni National Park – the development of a project of the hydrogeological peculiarities of Brijuni is planned, in which the geological structure of the Brijuni Islands will be processed. The project will also include a description of water phenomena on the island, a description of wells and wells, a description and presentation of the geological and lithofacial statist column of rocks at the location of the well “Living Water” and a compressor station.Within this activity, the renovation of the “Living Water” facility is also planned. Also, as part of this activity, it is planned to set up decorative screens to highlight important messages about the protection and preservation of nature, which will try to educate visitors about the importance of protection and preservation of the protected natural heritage of NP Brijuni. A construction adaptation of the Compressor Station building is also planned, with the arrangement of mechanical installations for the purpose of presenting the reciprocating compressor and pumping station from the 60s, as well as the operation of the pumping station for water from artesian wells on the island. The facility will be used for presentation purposes, thus providing additional educational and tourist content that will be available to visitors for an independent visit or with a guide.Modernization of the Natural History Exhibition Works on the exhibition will include the adaptation of dioramas, design and installation of new lighting. The new Interactive Application (so-called CITES) will, as part of the exhibition, show visitors the impact of trade in endangered species on the most common and endangered species, their numbers, predictions of the future of the species and the most common reasons for hunting and trade. With this exhibition, he wants to increase the awareness of visitors about the stated dangers and problems faced by animals from the wild.Renovation of the summer cinema It includes the modernization of cinemas from the 50s, which includes the purchase and installation of projection equipment, the purchase and installation of modular stages, auditoriums, the purchase of short and feature films, documentaries and animated films on nature protection, protected areas, habitats and the environment. It is also planned to install a panel fence on which photographs of protected species and habitats will be exhibited, as well as the purchase of film material / license for the display of archive material of Film News related to Brijuni.It is planned to show specific titles of a predominantly documentary nature in the cinema, which will lead visitors to think about the protection of the environment and nature. Thematic evenings will be organized with short and feature films, documentaries and animated films on the protection and preservation of nature, protected areas, environment, species, habitats, etc. The aim is to encourage the audience to think about human actions towards nature and the environment, education on the importance conservation and protection of nature and environmental biodiversity. The cinema would also show archival footage of Brijuni views and landscapes from the time of Josip Broz Tito in the form of a comparison of their previous and current appearance.Renovation of facilities in the port of Mali Brijun The arrangement of Mali Brijun for visits and education envisages the activity of rehabilitation of 7 ground-floor buildings in the bay of Sv. Mikula on Mali Brijun. Construction renovation and raising the level of thermal properties of buildings is needed. The works will include the repair of the roof and roof covering, replacement of carpentry, interior design, waterproofing and thermal insulation, mechanical and electrical installations, and equipping the buildings with furniture. It is planned to convert the facilities into an information point of the Brijuni National Park, a kitchen and a restaurant with public toilets, a common apartment for janitors and firefighters, and a dormitory. Accommodation on Mali Brijun is intended for kindergartens, schools, universities, NGOs, artists, scientists and all those who want to conduct educational programs and / or research on Mali Brijun.The facilities are planned to employ 13 people. This activity contributes to a significant expansion of the offer of NP Brijuni, given that Mali Brijun is currently closed to visitors due to its unattractiveness, lack of content but also the potential danger to visitors given the current state of existing facilities.Development of new educational programs of NP Brijuni and education of employees It is planned to design educational programs for visitors: Brijuni National Park, World of Plants, Magical World of Insects, Birds, Sea Coast, Underwater World.There will also be an educational program of touring the pedestrian educational trail “Brijuni Stone Stories”, which was arranged and opened as part of the cross-border project STONE-BRIDGE on Mali Brijun. As part of the educational trail and the mentioned quarry, visitors can also visit the safe, paved part of the tunnel, which is about 150 meters long. The educational trail will introduce visitors to various phenomena and indicate the significant geotourism potential of the site itself.The activity of educating the employees of NP Brijuni will be focused on improving communication, negotiation, presentation and sales skills. The training will include department heads and the training of employees who are in direct contact with guests.Promotion and visibility of the project The project “New attire of Brijuni” attaches importance to various promotional and marketing activities, so the activities of strategic planning, implementation of promotional activities, creation and production of advertising funds related to the project and NP Brijuni, preparation of the Visitor Management Study, interpretation services of Brijuni heritage for presentation and promotions.The activity of strategic planning includes the development of a branding strategy with a plan of communication activities, market research and analysis, and the development, implementation and supervision of operational plans of marketing activities.Regarding the implementation of promotional activities, during the implementation of the project, advertising activities are planned to be carried out through a minimum of three media, including TV. Sales will be improved through the organization of a prize game. Direct marketing will be done through mailing and public relations activities will be carried out three months before the end of the project.Conferences will be organized at the opening of the project and community management activities will be carried out for three months. During community management, they will communicate with the community and build a brand through social networks.Within the activities of the Brijuni Heritage Interpretation Services, for the purpose of presentation and promotion, an extensive book on approximately 150 attractions, values ​​and attractions of the Brijuni National Park (in Croatian and English) is planned. The book will serve all park employees, especially guides and those who want to further expand their knowledge. Also included is the production of an abbreviated manual on about 50 of the most important features of the Brijuni National Park, which the guides present to each visitor. The manuals will be printed in 50 copies in Croatian and 50 copies in English. The activity also includes the production of audio guides, recordings of voice guidance in combination with music, for tours of Veliki Brijun by tourist train for one hour. It is planned to produce 3 copies of the audio file in Croatian, English, Italian, German, Russian and French.Creating new visitor signage includes translation of texts, illustrations, creation and installation of signage for new visitor content.last_img

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